Modelling Chocolate!

So… my brand new Wilton Candy Colours finally made their way into my hands! I don’t have time to make cake-pops at the moment, but I was itching to try them out! So, I decided to try my hand at making some modelling chocolate! They use it all the time on cake shows to make figurines and even ice cakes – just like playdoh! (Only, ACTUALLY edible!)


(Finished product!)

I got two sets of the colours. Primary (red, orange, yellow & blue), and a ‘garden’ set (pink, purple, green & black).


They are tiny pots but you don’t need to use heaps of colour at a time. And, when making modelling choc, unless you’re using it in place of fondant and covering an entire cake, you usually won’t need to make heaps.

I used dark chocolate to colour black and white for the other colours.

There are several ways you can make modelling chocolate, but I simply melted the chocolate, added the candy colour, and then added glucose syrup (or, ‘liquid glucose’).

I added about 1 tablespoon for every 60 grams of chocolate (but my measurements were pretty rough). Some of the colours have gone a lot harder than others – it doesn’t matter, just means they need more warming up before they’re soft enough to mould!

The glucose hardens the chocolate almost immediately – it is quite strange to watch! I then put the thick paste/dough-like mixture in snap lock bags and chucked them in the fridge! After about an hour you can take them out and start playing! (If you’re short on time, the freezer could work too!)


I haven’t actually made anything with them yet. Apparently you can wrap it in plastic and freeze it for a couple of weeks. I am thinking of doing this and then making something more exciting when I have more time!!


I know some people rave about Americolor candy colourings over Wilton. I have never used Americolor ones so can’t compare, but Wilton were quite good! The black in the dark chocolate didn’t seem black at all, until I pulled it out of the fridge! I used a good portion of the jar and it still looked dark brown. The red was really strong – unusual for red colouring – so that’s a definite plus! On the other hand, the blue was really weak. The ‘rose pink’ was REALLY bright, next time I will only add a tiny bit at first!!


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