I’ve Got Mail: Kopykake Markers & Cake-Pop Moulds!

Patience is a virtue – and it certainly is when you’re waiting for US products to ship to Australia!

I ordered the 4-mould pack of cake-pop shapes from My Little Cupcake (http://www.mylittlecupcakepop.com/) as well as a set of double-ended edible markers. I went with Kopykake over Americolor after reading reviews online – I also really wanted the two different thicknesses!


I haven’t used them yet… Am busting to try them but alas, study is reaching the 11th hour. Will hopefully try some over the next few days though!

Definitely recommend business with http://www.mylittlecupcakepop.com/ – particularly for overseas buyers. In Australian ebay stores, the single cupcake mould was selling for around $10 (and not including shipping!) I paid $20 for the set of 4, and $15 for shipping both them and the markers. The company was also a pleasure to deal with – emailed me personally to warn that international shipping can take a while but that it would definitely arrive. Highly recommend!


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