Cupcake Cake Pops & Christmas Tree Cake Pops

I finally got around to using the cake pop moulds from my little cupcake! (See previous post)

I made cupcakes and I made the cone into little Christmas trees. I also made a few hearts that I intended to decorate but that didn’t work out so well (see below).


a) I was super pressed for time so these were definitely rushed
b) I was making them as an experiment to work out costs and test my new products

…So they’re not the best quality! But they taste JUST as great!

1. Edible markers are not good for decorating melted chocolate or candy melts

I was a bit dissapointed – I purchased the Kopykake markers with the intention of using them as an alternative to paints on the melts/chocolate. I didn’t do my research very well and although it says on the site that you can use them for cake pops, the outcome is very average. Only the black and red pens worked and even then, not great. The other colours simply dug up the coating. Apparently the markers are much better on fondant, royal icing and marshmallows.ย I am going to save them and try them on one of these surfaces later.

In the meantime I am going to get some powders or gels to make paint with vodka and use that to decorate!

Apparently the oils in the coating do not react well to the pens.

2. Candy melts may work better than chocolate

I have on occasion used Wilton candy melts for my pops but I tend to prefer the taste of white chocolate. Also, in Australia the melts are ridiculously expensive and only available at specialty craft and cake stores.

I usually use white Nestle Melts with no problem – they’re great for colouring (though not as white as white candy melts if you’re after brighter white colouring or base) and melt really easily to a perfect consistency. They sometimes melt to thin to start with so I let them stand for a few minutes and then they are ready to go!

For the cupcakes I wanted to dip the bases in chocolate rather than white. This is where things went downhill. I have never used milk chocolate or dark chocolate melts – only white chocolate or candy melts. Candy melts and Nestle White Melts compound have a different makeup to chocolate – the candy melts have no cocoa butter and white chocolate is technically not considered “chocolate” either.

I can’t be bothered to look into the science of it, but all I know is that the milk chocolate melting compound did NOT melt to the same thin consistency as the white chocolate melts do!! I microwaved it slowly and on low heat, the same as I do with white chocolate, and even added a small amount of vegetable oil. They remained thick and I ended up overcooking multiple batches of the chocolate. Because it was so thick it was difficult to work with and didn’t cling to the grooves of the moulded cake dough. The result was less than effective.

Next time I need brown chocolate – I will be going to buy a bag of Wilton Candy Melts!

So there you go. I learned a few lessons AND have something delicious to eat at the end of it! I am having to offload them onto family, friends and neighbours as I am accumulating too many baked goods around the house!! I will need to go on Biggest Loser at this rate!!!


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