Four Layer Butter Cake with Choc Fudge Frosting

Mmmm, I made a CAKE!


It has FOUR layers! (But a cheat’s four layers!! Two layers cut in half… Shhh!)

When I’m stressed I decided I like to bake, hence my huge baking itch at the moment coinciding with uni exams…

Anyway, this little one was meant to have honeycomb-choc-mousse filling but a) I messed my quantities up real bad and b) way over-whipped cream to the point it became lumpy so instead of a ganache mousse I ended up with a runny pouring sauce but I used it anyway and as you can see, the layers soaked it in! The bits of crushed Crunchie bar are a bit odd without the thickness of mousse separating the layers but oh well! Delish none the less!


This is my first attempt at a layer cake. I got waaaaay too excited cutting into it and seeing what it looked like… so  I can assure you I’ll be making more of these babies!

I was inspired by … check her out – THE BLOG IS AMAZING and will leave you drooling for more.

I made my frosting according to a recipe in my Crabapple Bakery book. ( The frostings in the book are super rich and more time consuming than other butter creams I have worked with but ALWAYS give me an amazing result. They are very thick and great to work with. The choc fudge one I used here is also SUPER SUPER YUM!!

Off to have my cake and eat it too… Last uni exam tomorrow – YAY!




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