Kit Kat and M & M Rainbow Cake

I am very indecisive, so when my Uncle’s, Dad’s, Cousin’s and Aunty’s birthdays rolled around and I couldn’t decide between a kit kat and m&m cake and a rainbow cake the obvious answer seemed to make both in one!

If you have been hiding under a rock, Kit Kat m&m cakes are something like this:

…And Rainbow Cakes look something like this:

My cake looked something like this:

So, it was a little lopsided and my Kit Kats a little broken, but I don’t care – everyone loved it! A collective gasp went around the room as I cut into it and pulled the first slice out! There really is nothing more exciting than a rainbow cake!! (Especially when its layered with chocolate mousse and covered with chocolate fudge icing and then covered in Kit Kats and finally topped with m & m’s! Chocolate, anyone?)


If you’re wondering how to make this baby at home, it was pretty simple (although, time consuming with all those coloured layers). I used:

  • 4 x Packet Mix Greens Vanilla Cake (love this mix – so reliable and so tasty)
  • Americolor Gel Colours (coordinated to the colours of m&m’s if you didn’t notice!)
  • Cheats Chocolate Mousse between the layers* (from Crabapple Bakery book – so simple – just make ganache, cool it to room temperature and mix it with whipped cream!)
  • Chocolate Fudge Icing to cover the whole cake* (again from the Crabapple book. If you haven’t noticed yet, I swear by their buttercream recipes! Although with 8 cups of icing sugar… woah!)
  • Kit Kats to cover the two cakes in
  • M & M’s to fill the top with!

*You could use any filling/icing you liked.

Originally, I was trying to channel this cake ( but my rounds didn’t leave a big enough gap to fill the moat of m&m’s around the middle. I used an 8″ tin for the bottom and a 6″ tin for the top. If I did it again and wanted the moat of m&m’s, I would use an 8″ and 4″, or a 10″ and 6″.


I’ve been seeing heaps of both of these types of cakes all over the internet lately, but I’ve yet to see one that is both! It was seriously the most fun thing I’ve made to take photos of, the colours were just so brilliant! (On that note, I can vouch the Americolor gel colours are hands down the greatest food colourings I have ever used!!)



13 thoughts on “Kit Kat and M & M Rainbow Cake

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  2. I love the colors! I’m making this for a birthday this weekend but only with chocolate cake. I’ll be using disposable columns and a tier plate between the cakes and there’s a 4″ difference between the size of my layers.

  3. Okay, I will! I would love to be able to make the rainbow multi-layer cake that you made (white is my favorite anyhow!) but not sure I could handle doing all that 🙂

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