I Bought a Kitchenaid! (+ Homemade Pizza Dough)

It was a glorious Friday last week… my empire red Kitchenaid arrived in the post!

(Well, technically it’s 50% mine, but who cares for technicalities…!)

It’s beautiful.


To test it out, I made pizza dough. Normally I’m too lazy to do that. The Kitchenaid made it a lot easier, though I’m still not sure I’d bother every time I wanted pizzas. That said, it was veryyyyy good – nothing like homemade bread!

I used the recipe from a recipe book I got with the mixer but it was very simple (bread flour, yeast, salt, water) so any recipe from the internet would do.

Watching the Kitchenaid knead the bread was really fun! It does such a good job AND your hands stay 100% clean!





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