We made pavlova in the Kitchenaid – Mum loves Pavlova and we wanted to see how it went beating egg whites!

It turned out great – although a little too cracked (tasted just as good though).

I had a huge dilemma trying to get the pavlova off the baking paper. We cornflour-ed the baking paper, and even then it wouldn’t budge and the more I tried to move it, the more cracked it became. In the end we cut the paper from the edges so you couldn’t see it.

Does anyone have any tips on how to stop pavlova sticking to the paper?ย The recipe mentioned nothing about how to remove it – I googled the internet and it seemed people were having similar problems. I couldn’t find and solutions that worked, though.

I used the recipe from the Kitchenaid website. You could use this recipe in any mixer if you don’t have a kitchenaid.

One of the coolest things about the Kitchenaid is that it eliminates the need to sift your ingredients. According to the lady on the DVD it ships with, the paddle beater – used for a few seconds – will have the same effect as sifting. This has saved me so much time and mess!!

(A bit cracked…)



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