Making Roses

I finally got to make roses! I’m taking a class in beginner cake decorating, and our teacher taught us how to make a basic rose. I totally understand now why wedding cakes are so expensive!

I am a perfectionist and impatient, 2 somewhat paradoxical qualities and 2 that make stuff like this really damn frustrating!

That said, I found it somewhat therapeutic – you can’t think about anything else when you’re concentrating on making little perfect petals!

We made the gum paste from scratch. And let me tell you – never again!!! She told us it was cheaper than buying it pre-made but, as an economics student, I am fairly confident in saying she has not factored in the time it takes! Time = money and for two hours of my time plus having to smell the gross scent of burning gelatine… I’d pay double for pre-made any day thankyou!!!

Not to mention my paste is overly sticky… At least when you buy it made you know it’s going to be the right consistency.

Don’t think I’m the next flower-making-genius but I am still impressed with the outcome given my general lack of creative skill.

Laters bakers!




4 thoughts on “Making Roses

    • Aw thankyou!! (Blurry photos do wonders though!)
      That’s good to hear – my course has been fun too! It’s pretty basic stuff but I guess it’s good to have the basics down pat before you start learning anything more. Good luck if you make roses! They aren’t my favourite (so time consuming and fiddly) but I was really proud to say I had made one!

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