Simple Fondant Star Cake with ‘The Mat’ Fondant Applicator

I recently bought “THE MAT” (Click here to see it.. and maybe buy it!) because I hate fondant. It sticks. To everything. And I hate how icing sugar and corn flour get everywhere when you try and stop it from sticking! It rips and tears and buckles and… it disagrees with me!

So, I got the Mat! I watched a few youtube videos and read reviews on Cake Central before I actually decided to buy it. But I was impressed. I used it and it definitely was less stressful. I don’t quite have the hang of it as well as they do in the video, but I think I will get there. And its a great non-stick mat to use as a base, even if you don’t want to use both sheets of vinyl.

If you haven’t seen The Mat before – it is basically 2 large bits of food safe vinyl that you put your fondant between and roll with a rolling pin over the top. Your roller never touches the fondant and doesn’t stick! You then put the mat over the cake, peel it off, and smooth your fondant on with a smoother as usual.

It’s pretty reasonably priced. I bought it from cake emporium for around $40. [Cake Emporium – she’s lovely, check her out! Retail store opening soon too – YAY!]


The cake turned out pretty good. I was kind of making it up as I went along.


1. Tylose glue – it was SUPER lumpy!! I discovered (afterwards, of course) that you should leave it for 24 hours to dissolve. That I did. And good it turned out! But I used it to glue my stars on and the lumps dissolved and burst “bubbles” in the fondant stars and made them wrinkly!!!!

2. Windsor Clikstix… OH MY GOSH I HATE THESE. I HAVE TRIED EVERYTHING WITH THESE! I added tylose powder, I let the fondant dry a little. The best result I had was after sticking thin strips of fondant on a cutting board in the freezer and then using them. But I have to drench them in cornflour to stop the fodnant sticking. THEY DON’T HAVE THESE PROBLEMS ON YOUTUBE!!! As a result my lettering wasn’t smooth like it should have been but I painted over it with lustre dust to try and cover it up a little.


I just used a pen knife to cut the plaque out! It was so easy. I used a balling tool and tylose glue to attach the cachous.

I used this recipe for the cake: Rich and Ruffled Chocolate Cake by Sweetapolita – and it was really good! The consistency was really different to regular chocolate cakes and I think it was because of the buttermilk as a substitute for butter.

Keep bakin’!


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