‘Something For Cake’ Review

I’m always excited when I find new places to buy cake decorating supplies from, and even better when they’re in Australia, and even even better when they’re reasonably priced.

So I think I’ve found one that ticks all those boxes (and maybe a few more, like great customer service!) … Something For Cake!


I ordered this stuff a few months ago but have just been lazy with posting it on here! I got a few odds and ends I needed for decorating classes, but the selection of things they have is pretty huge!

I found the prices way cheaper than Spotlight, and way WAY cheaper than my local specialist store (though you’d be hard pressed to find anywhere that isn’t cheaper than them). For some products, prices were less than Cake Emporium, but for others prices were more – so make sure you shop around and do the research. Also factor shipping costs in.



Something for Cake offers pick-up from Brookvale if you happen to live in that area, or postage. If you live in NSW, you can get it private couriered cheaper than Australia Post – and faster! Postage was quick (2 days) and hassle-free.

Get my tick for sure – give them a try next time you’re after something!


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