Looking for the Perfect Vanilla Buttercake

If my life had a single Do-Before-I-Die Goal, finding the perfect vanilla butter cake would definitely be a solid contender for the title.

So far, no luck. There is always something wrong. Too crumbly, too heavy, too moist, not enough flavour, didn’t rise properly… and so the list goes on.

Sweetapolita’s Vanilla Birthday Cake

I was really excited to try Sweetapolita’s (Perfectly Delightful) Vanilla Birthday Cake. As I have mentioned before, I am a HUGE fan of her blog (it’s my homepage at the moment!) – the photos alone are worth a peek, even if you aren’t planning to try any of her recipes!

This cake was good, but not the wow-amazing-holy-cow-blow-my-socks-off-best-vanilla-cake-EVER kind of good I was hoping for. It was (I thought) a bit tedious and time consuming to make, and I wasn’t all that pleased with the final texture and taste.

The recipe calls for Almond essence, which I regret including. I HATE almond taste as much as I hate bean sprouts in pad thai, and that’s a lot. Since I was so conscious of it being in the recipe, I swore I could taste it overpowering the vanilla (although my friends and family eagerly devoured the cake and told me it was “the greatest thing ever” so I may have just been imagining things).

I also found the icing a bit too sweet to be used as much as it was (between the six layers and the thickly on the sides and top). I prefer my icing more buttery and less sweet.

That said, as I mentioned before, I offloaded slices onto friends and family and despite prefacing it with this-is-not-my-favourite, I received zero complaints and a genuine happiness whilst they had their cake and ate it too. So it definitely got thumbs up from the crowd.

I have no doubt I probably didn’t mix it properly and if Sweetapolita were to bake this for me herself, I am sure it would taste 10x better than my attempt to recreate it. But unfortunately, my perfect vanilla buttercake search continues.

What is your favourite butter cake recipe?


One thought on “Looking for the Perfect Vanilla Buttercake

  1. This looks amazing.. I am yet to conquer 4 tiers, haha. I guess I have found my own perfect cake recipe, one that I love and is super easy! If you love it that’s all that counts i guess! 🙂

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