Emoticake Pops


Personally, I’d be lost without these little guys. My friends and I love to waste precious time in highly intelligent conversations consisting wholly of winking faces and smiley poops. So, what better way to pay tribute to them than make them into cake and put them on a stick?


I used my Kitchenaid to break the cake into crumbs AND mix it with the icing. IT WAS SO EASY! I CAN’T BELIEVE I DIDN’T TRY THIS EARLIER!

Instead of using the food processor, I simply attached the paddle beater and added chunks of the cake into the bowl with it spinning on medium speed. When all the cake was crumbed, I added the cream cheese and sugar, and attached the dough hook. Now sit back and watch the magic happen! (NB: don’t turn the speed up past medium. I did this and it overbeat my mixture and it ended up being REALLY smooth and doughy. I don’t mind it but I think it is nicer a bit more cake-y and a bit less cookie-doughey, but use your own discretion).

As for Candy Melts… Grrr!! I hate this part so much. I can never seem to get them to the right consistency and then if I do, it will last a few minutes only. I also cant work out how to get a totally smooth finish – I think it is impossible to not have a little overlap or “alfalfa” point where the candy melts have dripped off. (Wow I am explaining that so badly, apologies. Makes sense in my head!)


As for decorating on the candy melts, I painted with some Americolor gel mixed with Vodka. Don’t do it. It doesn’t work. It looks ok in the photo but up close it does not. It also doesn’t absorb or dry so as soon as they touch anything the colour comes off! I also tried to mix powder and vodka, which I swear I have used before hassle free, with no success. Food markers also don’t work. The best choice is to paint with some melted candy melts, and I believe lustre dusts and petal powders are rumoured to work also.

As for the eyes, I bought them pre-made in a packet at my local Spotlight. You could make your own version with gum paste or fondant, but I am lazy and these are easy!

I used white Candy Melts and coloured them with candy colouring. To get this shade of yellow, I had to use a considerable amount to the extent where the candy coating has an ever so slight bitter/chemical taste to it. Next time I will use pre-coloured melts (Dad bought me 8 packs in the US this week… 1/3rd of the price here in Aus – CRAZY!)


After I took the photos, one of my foam blocks fell over and this poor little guy took a beating. What a shame, I had to eat him!


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