How to Use Clikstix

I hated my clikstix for so long. I have tried and tried and tried repeatedly to use them, always finding them fiddly and uncooperative.

My icing stuck in the cutters, and it would push half out whilst the other half was still in. The part that was pushed out usually had the ejector imprinted into it so the smooth surface was ruined.

After hours and hours I have wasted trawling the internet to find the answer, I FINALLY FOUND THE SOLUTION.

You need to roll your paste REALLY REALLY REALLY thin!

Lightly dust your surface (and top of your rolled paste or fondant) with cornflour, and use them as per the instructions. If your paste is sticking to the cutters or not being pushed out, or even being pushed out but marked by the ejectors, I can GUARANTEE you that you haven’t rolled it thin enough. Roll it out more and try again.

I have found so many forums full of people complaining about these problems, and can’t believe no one suggested this solution. It’s so simple, and mine work PERFECTLY now.

I hope this post can help someone, because I was close to throwing them out!


Was playing around in cake class when I worked this out, hence the message to my Mumma!


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