Cherry Blossom Cake


It was my birthday and I was desperate to make a cake but I didn’t have much time to do it so I thought I would try a cherry blossom cake.

I got my inspiration from this picture:


…however I downloaded the pic and can’t find where it came from so sorry but I have no idea about the source. 😦

I made the flowers in advance so they would dry hard for when I decorated the cake. I used Wilton gum paste (love)! and coloured it different shades of pink. However, they didn’t all cup as well as I wanted them to as I didn’t have anything to rest them in and I balled them on a thin blue piece of foam rather than a thick sponge which I believe is much better for these flowers.


I piped yellow royal for their centres (even the tiny ones!) and attached them to the cake with white royal.

I used pettinice fondant (chocolate and white, coloured with Americolor Leaf Green) for the icing.


I used Windsor Clikstix for the letters – they are so easy I love them! Just have to roll the past super super thin (so it is transparent almost!)

The cake was just a simple two layer chocolate cake inside and the border was just piped royal.


This is probably my favourite cake so far!


2 thoughts on “Cherry Blossom Cake

  1. This is just…I mean, wow. I actually found this blog because of your Neapolitan cake recipe (I just DIED when I saw Julie’s on Masterchef, it looked SO good) but you’re freaking BRILLIANT.

    The cherry blossom cake looks SO pretty. I’m going to try the Neapolitan soon though, and I’m going to use your recipe 😀

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