Gum Paste Tiara… and Cake Pops!

I made a tiara out of gum paste… and I was super chuffed with myself!

I took this photo before I painted it sparkly but you get the idea! If you are interested in trying one yourself, I followed this tutorial – – using the same picture and everything.


I have been a little too busy to bake at the moment but… I did manage to fit some cake pops in!

I got my hands on some color-burst candy melts, and I reaaaally wanted to try them. I have never seen them in Australia and they were RAINBOW coloured!

The verdict – they were funky-looking and easy to melt, but…. they were the same price as the normal coloured bags and almost half the size! You would need two bags to coat a full batch of pops (if you are making approx 20). Would be better if they came in the full size bag :(.


I am pretty excited for the next few months!

  • I have booked a figurine class with Lorina Seeto – check out her website, Cakes by Lorinda – she is AMAZING! I am also very uncordinated when it comes to fiddly things like modelling figurines so if she can teach me, she can teach anyone…
  • And, I’ve been asked to make 2 cakes for an 18th birthday – a very special friend of mine! Have already started talking designs and I am very excited to see how they turn out!

Muchos love!


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