Road Test: Zumbo Chocolate Brownies

Adriano Zumbo is undeniably awesome. Brownies are undeniably awesome. Therefore, you would think that the two of them together would be beyond awesome. You would be correct.


Zumbo has recently released a range of DIY home kits (well here in Australia anyway). You can check them out here. I also have the caramel macarons to make, but it is exam time, and I could only justify so much procrastibaking. BUT expect to see them soon!

The mix was easy to use – all you need to add are eggs and melted butter (yay, don’t even need to beat it!). You literally chuck it in, turn your kitchenaid on, mix the chocolate bits in, and throw it in the oven. Mine came out perfectly and I reckon you’d be pretty hard-pressed to mess this up!


The chocolate also tasted really decent – like actual chocolate! It had white chocolate bits mixed in with the powder which you beat, and then dark chocolate squares to hand-mix through before you put it in the pan. It came out of the oven with a really shiny, silky finish to the top. Shiny. So shiny.

The only thing is – you get what you pay for. These packets are around $8 here. It seems expensive alongside some of the cheaper brands, but mine made 18 decent sized brownies and I can guarantee they will taste better than your cheaper varieties! Making things from scratch adds up quickly too – good quality chocolate and cocoa powder are incredibly expensive so this is probably a nice compromise between high quality home made and el cheapo supermarket packer. Yay for you, Zumbo!

I had a little helper following me around and playing oven-guard. Isn’t he adorable?





I got my hands on one of these from America and if you have a Kitchenaid, YOU HAVE TO GET ONE! I usually had to stop my mixer multiple times when mixing a cake batter or cookie dough to make sure the bottom and sides were properly mixed in. But not with this thing! Amazing, easily the best accessory and investment for your shiny shiny Kitchenaid.


You can buy them on Amazon here. They are very cheap too!




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