Figurine Class with Lorinda Seto

photo 2-1After spending a small fortune on this class, which I couldn’t get into for 3 months because it was so popular, I was expecting grand things.

And it delivered!

If you live in NSW and have ever been to the Sydney Royal Easter Show, I would be pretty confident placing a bet that you have seen something crafted by the skilful hands of Lorinda Seto. Check out her website and cakes here.

She is one of those people that is amazing at all the fiddly things like piping & sugar flowers… the old school stuff that actually takes natural talent as well as practice and hard work. I decided to go with her class on figurines because it was totally different to anything I have done before and it had been recommended by a cake decorater I knew.

I wish I had taken more photos throughout the day, so I am sorry to admit I only have 2 – one of my half finished man, and one of the finished product – bride and groom figurines.

photo 1-1

The class included lunch, all materials, and a great book of instructions (REALLY GOOD ONES TOO!) that you can keep and take home with you.

I think it would have been good if it ran over 2 days so you could perhaps learn how to appropriate them to different figurines a little more – for example I want to make a girl in a short dress, and a man in shorts, and we didn’t get to learn that. But for the time we had, we covered a lot of content and it really did cater for everyone from beginner to professional.

Lorinda actually completed the exact same degree I am doing, at the exact same uni, (a few!) years back. She said she practiced as a lawyer for around 4 years but had to leave because it was “so boring.” …Just what I wanted to hear! Cakes are now her job, and she had been decorating for 6 years. She says she has found her passion.

Her classes run out of Bexley Community Hall in south Sydney but many people had travelled a significant distance to attend. If you are interested in learning figurines, I definitely recommend this class!


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