Christmas Cupcakes


It’s Christmas and I LOVE Christmas. Have you seen the Santa Claus 2? If so, this is me at Christmas:

Haha not really. But ALMOST.

And seriously, what is better than food at Christmas? What food is better than CAKE?! What cake is better than CUPCAKES!?

Therefore Christmas Cupcakes are obviously the greatest part of Christmas.


All my Christmas cupcakes are vanilla bean flavour, with vanilla buttercream frosting, and fondant toppers that are 100% hand-made and entirely edible.

Note: I am now taking orders for cakes & cupcakes, and am fully insured through CASA so if you eat my cake and die, I can clean my hands of all responsibility. I hope that comforts you. Cupcakes from $3 ea. and cake prices on an individual cake basis.


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