Another Cherry Blossom Cake

I would like to take a moment to pray to the fondant-gods, and thank you for their kindness when I covered this a few weeks ago.


I am very average at covering cakes in this stuff. It hates me, I hate it. BUT NOT THIS CAKE. THIS CAKE WAS BEAUTIFUL. There was ONE CRACK. ONE CRACK IN THE WHOLE CAKE. No air bubbles, no cake burps, AND ONLY ONE CRACK! Which I covered up expertly with the branches, ohhh YEAH!


In fact I threw out half the flowers I had made because I WANTED EVERYONE TO SEE HOW PERFECT THIS COVERING WAS.


And you know what, to someone who doesn’t make or decorate cakes, they probably wouldn’t even notice. But I did. And I was HAAAPPYYY.

This means one of two things:

1. I am getting better

2. I had a lucky day

I wish it were 1 but it is most likely 2, and in my life, lucky things always seem to come with a very UNlucky counterpart a few days (or maybe in this case, cakes…) later.


But who cares. I am going to enjoy the glow of post-perfect-fondant while it lasts.


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