This Blog Has Gone to the Dogs. Actually.

Anyone who know me/follows me on facebook/has seen my instagram would know that when my little Maltese/Shih-tzhu Mason came into my life 4 months ago I became a crazy dog lady overnight.


The only thing that fills my Facebook more than pictures of baking are pictures of my pup… so it seemed logical to bake for him. RIGHT?!

I got a dog biscuit cutter “from” Mason for Christmas and the brand that makes them also makes ready-to-mix cake and cookie mixes for animals HOWEVER I didn’t have one so I had to improvise. (Sorry, the brand name escaped me and I threw out the packaging but hopefully I will remember it eventually.)


I settled on this recipe from Martha Stewart. It turned out okay however:

a. Brewers yeast is difficult to come by and INCREDIBLY expensive. I had to go to a brewery shop and they only sold it in 5 gram packets for $2.50, which added up pretty quick. It CANNOT be substituted for baking yeast – they are totally different things. Brewers yeast also is said to repel fleas in animals which is why I came across it in many recipes for dogs. I am fairly sure you could leave it out and they would still taste fine.

b. The dough was a really weird consistency. I was expecting something dense and easy to cut but it was really “doughy” and super sticky.

c. I am not sure what size cookie they are cutting to say it ย makes 5 dozen. It really doesn’t.

But otherwise, they actually turned out okay. I haven’t brought myself to taste one but they look and smell a bit like those “gold fish” biscuit.


And, well, they passed the ultimate test! Approval from Mason.


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