Christmas Kit Kat and m&m Rainbow Cake

Surprisingly, people actually read this blog (love y’all). In fact, you’re approaching 10 000 so maybe I should bake something in honour of that, when it finally rolls around. But enough of such self-indulgent chit chat.

My point was going to be that by FAR the biggest majority of those views have been directed towards my post last July which was a Kit Kat & m&m rainbow cake. Most blog visitors have found their way here via a picture of the cake someone posted on Tumblr, and that went slightly viral (in the best posible virus-y way). I also stumbled across it on Pintrest, and it did well in Google Images too. I mean, wow, is this not the pinnacle of fame? Internet fame? Niche audience internet fame? Yes. I’m claiming it.


So at Christmas I decided to reinvent the cake that got people reading. It was a much less decadent reincarnation but it was tasty and it included a Santa and everybody loves Santa so what bad thing is there to say about it?


For any other cake decorators out there you may be interested to know I (from the convincing of the lovely lady at my local cake store) tried… READY-TO-MIX BUTTERCREAM. I was the sceptic of all sceptics, and I must tell you, I was very impressed. It wasn’t cheap, but it made a fair amount and froze really well. It tasted delish, and it was as white as white could be! It comes out exactly like Swiss Meringue Buttercream and if you are selling cakes and charging for your time, it takes about 400% less time than making SMB from scratch. “I LOVE making Swiss Meringue Buttercream” said no one ever.

If you’ve been hesitant, I dare you to try it! HOWEVER I was advised that the particular brand I bought is miles ahead of all the others and I stupidly threw the tub away and can’t remember the name.. Therefore if you try it and hate it, blame the brand ๐Ÿ˜‰



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