Midwife Graduation Cake


This cake was for a class of Midwifery students who recently graduated (Congratulations!). The only request I received was that it had to be purple and silver and the rest was up to me! They are my favourite kind of orders!

I decided to use the chance to try vertical stripes! I love LOVE love the look of them on Lorinda Seto’s cakes (her work is perfection. I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again – CHECK OUT HER WEBSITE!!!). I sent her an email to clarify how she got the cakes like these…

…so damn smooth and un-bulky looking. (Yes, unbulky is a word. I said so.) She said the trick is to roll the fondant thin (3mm) and then secure the stripes (also thin!) on top of it. Needless to say mine didn’t come anywhere near Lorinda’s flawless work but I thought for a first time effort they worked out okay.

I was most disappointed with the ganache – it did NOT give me a smooth finish and it really showed through in the fondant because I had rolled it so thin! I have no idea why, but ganache just didn’t agree with me this week. I could not get little lumps out and it would NOT set firm like it normally does – despite me leaving it well over 24 hours to sit. I ended up having to chuck the cakes and ganache in the fridge to set them. All week humidity was at 85% (!!!!) and I think this may have been a factor.


I was really proud of my nurse – I used a foam bell shape which I shaved down a bit because it was rather large. The head was a 25mm foam ball – they look tiny but once you cover them with flesh fondant/gumpaste they bulk up a fair bit!


At the last minute I made an emergency visit to the Newsagent to buy some super stiff carboard and covered it with black to make the top of the graduation hat. I had left a square of black fondant mixed with tylose to dry for 7 days but within a few hours of putting it on the cake the corners were drooping (again, 85% humidity…). I like everything to be edible so it was a shame but I mean really… black gumpaste tastes like rubbish anyway, so…

Photo Collage

I absolutely adore the first impressions moulds – I used them to make all the borders. They take a bit of getting used to but are worth the money!!

Keep caking xx


Note – I recommend you use a ruler when laying letters… *cough*


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