Pink & Black Number 18 Cake

When I was asked to make something like this cake


…I freaked out. I mean, I’m not Carlos (yet/ever) and black fondant + shaped cake = disaster (not to mention way above basic round cakes like I’ve been doing..). Anyway, they were willing to take a risk and luckily, so was I!

So it was nowhere near as perfect as the inspiration image but I thought that for a first time covering a shaped cake, my first time covering in black fondant, and my first time using Satin Ice brand fondant, it all came together WAY better than I expected!


(Seriously. I thought I was going to be walking in with something a-la 1990’s Women’s Weekly Kids Birthday Cake book… Yes, I’m looking at you marshmallow flowers!

…Luckily I didn’t have to resort to such desperate measures so I’m going to call it a tentative success!)

This was during my week of misbehaving ganache (see my previous post!! 85% humidity, we’re gonna blame that okay?) so I was really disappointed with the amount of air bubbles that popped up due to the uneven ganache. But I had foreseen this disaster and made pink flowers to cover up all the rips/holes/boo-boos…

BUT THEN DISASTER STRUCK MY DISASTER SOLUTION!! I went to use the flowers on the morning of the cake, and the gumpaste flowers which had been rock hard 48 hours ago were all soft and sticky! I stuck them in the oven with only the LIGHT on (DO NOT TURN YOUR OVEN ON! IT WILL MELT THEM!) and they dried a bit… but within minutes of me taking them out after being in there for hours, they softened again. By the time the cake came out at night (one of those awful Australian sticky/hot/rainy nights) they were almost totally flat to the cake. But you know what? I had drunk enough champagne to not care at all! I knew champagne was always the solution.


I covered the board with cake vinyl (its so much easier/less wasteful than using icing!) but the board – which was originally taught and perfect – buckled when I covered the “8” ย straight onto it. I have no idea why… But you really do have to pull the vinyl SOOO tight to give it a good look. I was upset but I knew that if I tried to take the cakes off and redo the vinyl, chances of something going MORE wrong were high. So I just left it.

Keep caking xx


4 thoughts on “Pink & Black Number 18 Cake

  1. Hi i was wondering how you stuck the ribbon to the number cakes as theres many corners. Would appreciate your advice. Thanks

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