Totally Adorable Teacup Cupcakes

I love tea, and I love cake, so what could be better than both in one? (Well, true, there is not one ounce of tea IN these, but they LOOK like tea and that’s what counts.)


You may (or may not have) heard of the super-kitsch and super-cool giftware/homeware brand Fred. If you haven’t, you’re missing out – check out their stuff here. In fact this will be the first purchase I make IF I ever have a baby (don’t freak out Mum).

So how did these end up in my hot little hands? For my birthday (which, yes, was over 6 months ago…) my lovely girlfriends gave me a set – and although it took me a while to use them, they were definitely worth the wait!

How can you get some?ย You can view the moulds on Fredย here, and you can search for stockists in your area, or buy online, at this page.

The only sort-of disappointing thing about this product is that it only comes with 4 in the box. But you can always buy more boxes! I made them with a bit of left-over batter from a big birthday cake, and used up some leftover icing to decorate, so I only made the 4 – but you could always make matching cupcakes in cute pink wrappers or cupcake cups (you know, like these).


The use of the word Cup twice in a row seems a little ridiculous in this title, so I’m just gonna go ahead and re-name these “teacupcakes” (I am a pioneer of the english language).

PS My Mum looked at these from above and announced that they would be “really great” for Breast Cancer week because they look like… well, yeah, you get it. Umm… Thanks Mum?


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