I’m Crackers About Cookies

My earliest television memories revolve around the little clay Wallace, and his trusty side-kick Grommit, wearing some pretty scary trousers and taking a quick trip to the moon (um, if you don’t know what I’m talking about, you are missing out). I told everyone (as 3 year olds do) about the show with “the naughty dog” and these early memories have left me with a big soft-spot for the show.


I went to the Wallace & Grommit exhibition held at the Powerhouse Museum here in Sydney, and couldn’t resist leaving the gift shop empty handed (if you’ve ever read Sophie Kinsella’s Shopaholic series, I exhibit similar irrational symptoms when surrounded by useless objects with price tags on them – and especially when the sign says “sale”). So of course when I saw COOKIE CUTTERS in the SALE BIN I had to buy one. I mean, it was something USEFUL, and it was on SALE – how rare for it to be both. It would have been simply rude not to by one.

And buy one I did. And bake them I did.


I made the eyes from fondant with a little tylose, and attached them with royal icing. A chocolate button for the nose, and melted chocolate to dip the ears in (warning: messy & time-consuming part!).


I’m always watching.

They were delicious, if I may say so myself.



A few pics from the exhibition…



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