Easter Bunny Cupcakes

Happy Easter! And of course, with Easter comes a fabulous excuse to bake (/procrastibake, since Easter happens to fall just in time for exams and assignments!).


The cupcakes were vanilla, and had white chocolate ganache under the fondant. The ganache gives them a smoother surface to place the fondant on, plus keeps the cakes really fresh and moist. This is important if you cover the cakes with fondant, as you can’t refrigerate fondant covered cake (it will ruin the look of your icing, and cause condensation when it returns to room temperature which will make colours run, decorations soften, etc.)

The noses were mini marshmallows cut in half, and the eyes were tiny chocolate balls I had been given as a gift by someone.  You could easily substitute small balls of fondant, sprinkles, cachous, etc. I just drew the whiskers on with my Kopykake markers.


I made the ears from pre-made Wilton gumpaste. It dries ROCK hard (you could probably plaster your walls with the stuff) and I’ve been told it tastes like bum (I haven’t tried it!) but my little cousins ate them all so… it’s edible!

I just traced a bunny-ear template from google images onto some cardboard and used a paring knife to cut around it over some rolled paste. I did the same for the smaller pink part. Originally I had wanted to thread the ear itself onto the toothpicks the same way you thread stars/hearts etc. onto florist wire however the toothpick was too fat for this and kept tearing the gum paste. I ended up painting on some edible glue to the white part, pushing the toothpick down on top, painting over the toothpick with glue again, and sticking the pink bit over it. (I.e. basically sandwhich the toothpick between the two colours!). I wasn’t sure it would work but it did! I don’t know if it would work with fondant and tylose, though, as they never dry quite so hard.


The cake stand is Martha Stewart. It’s cardboard though, and not very durable. I would say it is good for one (or maybe two) uses. It looked cute with the pink and white cakes (and some pink bubbly too!).


And finally here are some pictures of my dog. He kept us entertained while we munched on the bunnies.




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