Everybody Hearts Dads


Hard to believe it, but Father’s Day has been and gone once again. It feels like just yesterday I was cutting out all those damned tshirts and ties for last year! (If you were unlucky enough to not be following my blog back then, these are the ones!)

Image 2

Image 1

I really freaking love glitter. AND YOU CAN EAT IT!

These were half vanilla and half choc-vanilla cupcakes with white chocolate ganache and fondant.

Which brings me to 2 important lessons for you:

1. How Not to Make Choc-Vanilla Swirl Cupcakes

This recipe is how not to. And it’s simple science… I should have thought about it properly before I did it. Essentially what happens is that when you add the chocolate cocoa to the second half of the batter, it becomes much thicker than the vanilla batter already in the cupcake papers. Hence, when you spoon it in to swirl around, rather than making a pretty swirly pattern, it just sits there, being all blobby, and refusing to move.

They cooked okay but looked kinda stupid when you bit into them and it was just way more trouble than it was worth.

I also still think plain vanilla cupcakes and white chocolate ganache are a perfect match and chocolate totally cramps their style. Less is more – true for both fashion AND cupcakes, apparently! If only it were true for study as well.

2. Praise the Packet Mix

For the plain vanilla cupcakes I decided to go all Martha Stewart and bake them from scratch as well. I used the recipe from planet cake’s recipe books – a fairly run o the mill vanilla cupcake recipe.

And guess what. It tasted no different… maybe even less delicious… than the Greens packet mixes I usually swear by. And it took me twice as long.

I know not everybody agrees with me, but I don’t care about the haters – I love a good packet mix! And nobody knows any wiser. I get more comments on the taste of my cakes when good old Uncle Greens or Mumma Crocker have lent a helping hand (though maybe this is just an indication that my baking sucks).

Image 4

How cute is my little cousin?

Happy Father’s Day to all the daddies! XXX


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