A Giant Malteser Cupcake

I love some healthy competition so when my cousin came to me asking if I could make him a cake to be raffled off at his school, I jumped at the chance! He wanted something with maltesers, so I had a google and sent him a few ideas. We settled on a giant cupcake – covered in maltesers!


I used a giant cupcake tin. My one is Bakers Secret (see picture below) but there are quite a few variations of the tin out at the moment. I have problems with it… the top is much smaller than the base so cooks quicker. I also had to make the top twice because I didn’t grease it properly and the top got stuck in the tin! So you do have to be really careful because you cant line it with baking paper. But it is certainly much easier than carving it yourself out of  regular cake, and much less wasteful.


It was simple chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream, and then covered with maltesers on top and Cadbury fingers around the bottom. The ribbon added a nice finishing touch!

Image 1

The best thing about this cake is that it was super easy to plan ahead for. I baked the cake and made the icing a week or so before I needed the cake to be ready. I stuck it all in the freezer, bought my maltesers, biscuits and ribbon and covered the board. My cousin lives an hour or so away, so rather than transporting it in the car, I simply defrosted the cake and icing overnight and assembled it all once I arrived – it probably took about 15 minutes to slap it all together.

Chocolate goes kinda funky in the fridge (you know how it goes all white and weird looking?) so we left the cake in a cool room with some plastic wrap over it from when it was assembled (Sunday) to when it was raffled (Tuesday). Obviously I didn’t eat it so I can’t be sure, but I am going to assume no news is good news and it survived in fine form!

But now down to business: did we win? Yes we did! The cake broke the school record for the most raffle tickets sold for one cake, and the money is going towards a memorial garden at the school. Who said cake can’t change the world?



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