RAWR! A dinosaur birthday cake.

This cake was for a dino-mad 2 year old, who loves jurassic park. The colour scheme was to look something likeย this, and there was to be one 8″ cake, and 12 cupcakes.


The cake was white chocolate mud cake, with white chocolate ganache. The cupcakes were the same.

I was given this image as some ideas:


I decided to go with a combination of the top left, and middle left. I made the dinosaur on top from fondant mixed with tylose, and modelled it off this cake:


It looked sort of like a dragon, but a cartoony-dinosaur and a dragon are sort of similar looking, so call it whatever you want. I thought it looked pretty damn cute. And I just loved the colours!

I made the floating balloon by covering a styrofoam ball with icing and using a piece of florist wire. I had to stick a drinking straw cut to the height of the cake in where the balloon was, as the balloon started to tilt. The balloon on top is considerably heavier than thin stars or hearts that you might usually stick into a cake, and the wire needed more support than the cake and ganache alone.


I decided to make some cupcake toppers that were half dinosaur silhouettes and half dinosaur footprints. I used a penknife and cut the dinosaurs out by hand using this template from the internet:


I thought they looked a little boring so I added some green glitter. Note: this glitter is non-toxic and entirely safe to eat, but I wouldn’t call it edible in the sense it is designed to be eaten. It tastes rather gross. Looks awesome though. (Yep, I use glitter on most cakes, somewhere. I just really love glitter. It’s my inner Ke$ha.)


The fondant on this cake covered like some kind of dream, and the ganache was super easy to work with as well. The end result was sharp edges and gorgeously smooth sides. I can’t describe the feeling that comes with a perfectly covered cake…. I threw a heap of the footprints out because I wanted to show of the flawless icing!

Thank you cake gods.

Here’s a few pics from the cake in action. We had a very happy customer!1009926_10151685658193181_311798128_n



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