(Another) Exploding Star Cake

You may remember that about 10 months ago I made an exploding star cake (if you really wanna, you can look at it here).

I was excited when I got asked to make another one because I was keen to prove that I have gotten a little better.


I mispelt Gil’s name with 2 L’s initially, hence the awkward gap on the right side of the board!

And better I have gotten! For people who think a cake is just a cake, you may not notice the difference, but for fellow cake decorators who are just waiting to shred someone else’s cake to pieces, the improvement is noticeable. Boo yah!


Again, I really freaking love glitter.

This time, my stars weren’t covering up rips or air bubbles! The icing was smooth and the edges were sharp, yay! Just looking at the close up photos of my first star cake makes me cringe, but then it makes me do this:


The exploding top also came out BEAUTIFULLY. I credit this mostly to me getting off my ass and buying a new blade for my pen knife (it was so blunt before, it would have struggled to cut paper let alone icing!) and also using my rolling pin rings (I use these ones) to get thinner and more even icing.


This icing is smoother than Joey from Friends.

For the 60, I bought patchwork cutters. They are expensive since you have to buy each individually, but they really are lovely! And a perfect size! And the best thing about a 6, it doubles as a 9 as well. So if you have a 90th coming up, I’M ALL SET!

Credit where credit is due: the lady requested this cake in blue, so this wasn’t my design. I did change it up a little (for the better, I think!).

The cake was vanilla/choc swirl mud cake, with white chocolate ganache. I got a lovely phone call from the lady a few days later saying that everybody loved the cake, and she had sent my flyers to work with her husband! I love hearing back from people – it’s not like I can taste the cake myself! So I’ll settle with her word for it!


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