A Cake Fit For an Electrician

I certainly like re-making and perfecting old cake designs but I also like a new challenge. This cake was for an electirican’s 50th birthday, and the idea was a ‘powerpoint’ – or maybe you call it a power socket, or a wall socket, or an electrical socket… Hopefully it looks good enough for you to understand what it is!


There were a few challenges here.

1. Rounding ganached edges.

I am used to aiming for sharp edges so it was hard to get rounded edges that were even the whole way around and looked intentionally rounded and not unintentionally just-a-bit-shit. I am sure there is some kind of trick to it that I haven’t yet mastered but it turned out oh-kaaaaay in the end.

2. Light switches

So one was really good but the other one turned out really lopsided. You could only tell when looking front on at the cake, down at it’s level (yep, that pic below… awkwarddddd!), so it wasn’t a big issue but still a bit frustrating! I ganached tiny triangle off-cuts of cake and covered them with fondant… If I did it again I would think there may be an easier way. Maybe cake mixed with icing into a dough (cake pop style) as this would allow much better moulding. Or rice-crispy treats… But I don’t know where on earth you get them here!

3. Fondant roll border

Technical name right? I have no idea what you would call this. The Planet Cake book tells you to just… roll the border! Sounds easy! But it isn’t! It was impossible to get even and then I stuck it on and realised how horribly uneven it was in thickness around the cake but by the time I decided to re-do it, it had set rock hard to the icing and the only chance of pulling it off was going to pull the icing off as well! Some people online suggested using a clay extruder. Does anyone have experience with this?


All in all, a fun cake to make and different from anything I have done so far! The red tape on the front was an “electrician joke” – a circuit-breaker label with his initials and 50!

Actually no, I’m not done yet. I still have a whinge left. It really annoys me how the Clikstix numbers are slightly taller than the letters. (Notice the 50 is taller than the CBRW.) That’s not smart at all. What were you thinking Windsor?!

The cake was Chocolate Mud made by Nat, with Dark Chocolate ganache. I actually got to try a small piece. It was nice – but super rich!

I have a bit of a backlog accruing so expect some more posts in the weeks to come! Keep caking. xo


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