Black and Gold Exploding Stars

The brief for this cake was pretty low key – a small cake suitable for a male 80th. I stuck with one of the most popular designs for male cakes of all time – the exploding star cake!

This is about my 4th cake doing the exploding top, but it was my first time doing it on a square. Looking back, it is unclear why I decided to make it difficult for myself by choosing a square when the customer would have been just as happy with a round! I completely forgot how much I hate squares! Those damn corners make it so much harder to get smooth icing with no air trapped.


But I like a challenge and I hadn’t covered a square in a long time so I decided this would be a good opportunity to try. I must say, I do love the exploding look with the square – it looks much more like a present!

I had to cover the cake twice – I used too much cornflower on my bench to stop the icing sticking, but it was humid so the cornflour stuck to the icing and when I put it over the dark chocolate ganache, big white blotches were visible where the cornflour had stuck under the icing. When the stars were added it may not have been visible, but I couldn’t bear to spend another few hours on it and then decide I didn’t like it! So off came the icing, and into the bin it went! Sigh. Sometimes I hate being such a perfectionist.

I sprayed the white icing with my pearl shimmer airbrush colour, and it looked beautiful! You can’t see in the photos but in reality it gave it a nice pearly, shimmery finish. Will be using it again!

The 80 sparkly topper was from A La Roche. I cannot commend their customer service more – and I loved the topper. A lot easier than making it out of fondant and it’s reusable – what’s not to love!?

A La Roche topper

Ganaching a square is something that some of us have nightmares about (no really!). All those sharp edges and pointy corners are much more time consuming. So for the first time I tried the upside down method. I won’t waste my time trying to explain it to you – because Torta Couture Cakes has already done it! I followed this tutorial and it was great. I am thinking of using this for all my cakes now, even the round ones!



Finally – I apologize for being a little MIA lately. I have been flat out busy! My cakes are becoming increasingly more time consuming and I’m also working a few jobs (you know how pageant mums say they need a pageant job? I have to have a cake job!) AND I’m at summer school uni! Follow me on Facebook to keep up to date more regularly!

Love X


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