Lego Birthday Cake

This cake was so much fun to make, and it was even more special because it was for my uncle’s 40th, so I even got to eat it too! My uncle is Lego OBSESSED (no really, check out his present in the pics below!) so there was no question what this theme was going to be! I came up with the design myself, but it incorporated the ever-popular exploding top!


Want to make this cake?

  • Moulds for the 3D lego bricks in the border and the lego man were purchased on eBay, but the 2D bricks on wire and the cake sides were handmade from squares and circles.
  • Cake was an 8″ (choc mud cake with dark choc ganache) and a 6″ (white chocolate and raspberry swirl cake with white chocolate ganache) but you could use smaller or bigger tiers if you wanted.
  • I designed the “40” image with a graphics editing program and with the help of an online tutorial which unfortunately I can no longer find, and ordered it on an edible icing sheet.






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