Pink & White Baptism Cake

This was a cute cake for my very own Goddaughter’s baptism back in September. The design was based off a couple of different pictures her mummy sent me!


Making Fondant Blocks

These were tedious – I have made similar blocks using rice krispies, but this time I used fondant. I followed this youtube tutorial. However, I have no idea how you get the blocks completely smooth – I didn’t mind too much because I planned all along to place the pink squares on each face, however if you wanted plain sides this would be an issue. Cracks kept appearing – I imagine modelling chocolate may be a better alternative.

Making Icing Booties

I made the little shoes using a template I found on Pintrest. I cannot find the exact one I used, but it was similar to this one. You will need an exacto knife, tylose and a little bit of patience!

Airbrushing the Cake

I airbrushed the entire cake using a sheen airbrush colour – it gives it a pearl look and is a nice finishing touch!



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