My real name is Micaela. People strangely contact me calling me Micakela quite often. I tried to be punny and combine my name with ‘cake’, but I think some people now think this is my real name. It’s not. But it sure would be cool if it was.

I’m a 20-something year old with a degree in economics, and part-way through another one in law, at the University of Sydney.

My 3 favourite things in the world are my dog (seriously, you can follow him on instagram here he’s adorable), travelling and beautiful cakes. It just so happens that these three things are very incompatible with one another.

My cake obsession began in 2012, and it has been one crazy, wonderful, mistake-filled, slightly stressful, but joy-filled journey ever since. I do hope you’ll join me along the way.

Life gets in the way of keeping this blog current. I have a Facebook page where I post and share regularly. To the right of this page there should be a box where you can like it (facebook.com/micakelacustomcakes). If you’re after a quote or order, this is where you should contact me.

I also now have Instagram! Micakela is taking over every social media platform; next stop, the world. You can follow me on instagram here.