Surfs Up! Eating Between the Flags of an Extended Tier Ruffle Cake.

One of my oldest and best friends turned 20 on New Years Eve, and she gave me free reign over the cake design (a risky decision on her part!). Somehow between working and working some more, I managed to come … Continue reading

Cupcake Cake Pops & Christmas Tree Cake Pops

I finally got around to using the cake pop moulds from my little cupcake! (See previous post)

I made cupcakes and I made the cone into little Christmas trees. I also made a few hearts that I intended to decorate but that didn’t work out so well (see below).

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Modelling Chocolate!

So… my brand new Wilton Candy Colours finally made their way into my hands! I don’t have time to make cake-pops at the moment, but I was itching to try them out! So, I decided to try my hand at making some modelling chocolate! They use it all the time on cake shows to make figurines and even ice cakes – just like playdoh! (Only, ACTUALLY edible!)

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