Christmas Kit Kat and m&m Rainbow Cake

Surprisingly, people actually read this blog (love y’all). In fact, you’re approaching 10 000 so maybe I should bake something in honour of that, when it finally rolls around. But enough of such self-indulgent chit chat. My point was going … Continue reading

Exploding Star Cake… & Cake Burps

So if anyone has ever decorated cakes you would probably know that Summer in Australia is pretty much THE worst time & place to decorate with fondant because humidity + fondant (/sugarpaste for my European friends) = TOTAL DISASTER. Basically … Continue reading

Modelling Chocolate!

So… my brand new Wilton Candy Colours finally made their way into my hands! I don’t have time to make cake-pops at the moment, but I was itching to try them out! So, I decided to try my hand at making some modelling chocolate! They use it all the time on cake shows to make figurines and even ice cakes – just like playdoh! (Only, ACTUALLY edible!)

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